The Foreign Ministry recalled the “cemetery” of migrants in the Mediterranean after Russia's accusations

Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Zakharova on the “cemetery” of migrants in the Mediterranean: the Russian Federation does not wash it Pope Francis' words about the Mediterranean Sea as a “big cemetery” for illegal migrants, reminded that Belarus and Russia are not washed by it. She wrote about these accusations in her Telegram channel.

“Pope Francis called for mercy to the refugees and called the Mediterranean Sea a“ big cemetery ”, in whose waters a huge number of illegal migrants perish. Note to partners: the Mediterranean Sea does not wash neither Belarus nor Russia, “the representative of the Ministry of the Russian Federation reminded.

Earlier, the Pope called the Mediterranean a” big graveyard “for illegal migrants because of the large number of migrants who died in it … He also noted that in recent years, illegal migrants who land on the shores of Europe, fleeing “war and poverty”, often face not hospitality, but “hostility and even exploitation.”

Earlier in November more than 75 migrants drowned in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Libya. Dozens of migrants are reported to have traveled to Europe by boat. The fishermen managed to save 15 refugees, they were taken to the Libyan city of Zuwara. The organization added that in total, more than 1,300 people have died in the Central Mediterranean this year.



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