The Federation Council urged to fight against the consumption of vapes among young people

Senator Arkharov: consumption of electronic cigarettes among young people has doubled The popularity of vaping has grown significantly. He called for improving legislation in this area, RIA Novosti reports.

The senator said that electronic cigarettes are a “new danger”: the growth of their consumption among young people has almost doubled. He urged to fight this trend, since smoking is dangerous to health. According to Arkharov, it is necessary to change the legislation in this area, as well as develop adolescents' interest in healthy lifestyles and sports.

“The anti-tobacco law, according to which a ban on smoking in public places was introduced, has been in effect in Russia for eight years … After the adoption of the law, there was a positive trend towards a decrease in the prevalence of smoking among the population of Russia. These positive results are recorded by the World Health Organization, “the parliamentarian emphasized.

Arkharov added that smoking is the cause of almost 15 percent of deaths in the world. “Cigarettes kill more people than cars, wars, AIDS, diabetes and cirrhosis combined,” he said.