The Federation Council ridiculed Gordon, who spoke obscenely about Zelensky

Senator Pushkov ridiculed the words of journalist Gordon about the dishonesty of the leader of Ukraine Zelensky Vladimir Zelensky. The Russian senator wrote about this in his Telegram channel.

So, the journalist in an obscene form said that once again the Ukrainians were “deceived”. As Pushkov noted, it is strange to hear such “obscene lamentations” from Gordon.

“And how sorry he is for Zelensky himself and all his fellow citizens due to the fact that all of them were“ once again ”deceived. The observer does not even ask the question: who cheated? Russia? Europe cheated? Or China? Or maybe Honduras, the uneven hour, cheated? No, they have nothing to do with it. The Ukrainians deceived themselves! “, – said the senator.

Pushkov stressed that this is due to the fact that there is no mature elite in Ukraine. “There are no responsible politicians who are able to move the country forward, especially in an atmosphere of nationalist frenzy and singing the song” Our Old Man Bandera “,” he said, adding that Ukraine has the president it deserves.

Earlier Gordon accused Vladimir Zelensky of dishonesty. According to the journalist, Zelensky promised to leave the presidency after the first term. “But decent people keep their promises. What talks can there be today about the second term of Vladimir Zelensky, if he promised, he goes for one term ?! ” – he declared. The head of the Ukrainian state, in turn, noted that Gordon “jumps out of his pants and shouts: he shouldn't go, he shouldn't, he shouldn't,” and called the journalist a “disgrace”.