The conditions for the Ukrainian fleet to compete with the Russian

Military expert Zhilin: The Ukrainian Navy will not be able to compete with the Black Sea Fleet the state of the Ukrainian fleet and named the conditions under which the Ukrainian Navy will be able to compete with the Russian Black Sea Fleet.

The specialist stressed that Russian sailors have recently acquired high-speed vessels capable of withstanding the Ukrainian “mosquito fleet”. According to him, in the naval sphere it is almost impossible for Kiev to catch up with Moscow.

“As for the confrontation at sea, Ukraine is very far from the conditions that could compete with the Russian fleet. In order to keep the fleet in a good condition, you need a lot of money, funds, development, science, engineers, universities and vocational schools. Ukraine has none of this, “the expert said.

He added that the Kiev authorities are trying to pass off wishful thinking. According to Zhilin, the Ukrainian infantry was trained in Donbass, but the country has absolutely no resources for a long-term war with anyone.

Earlier, the head of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry Dmitry Kuleba accused Russia of allegedly wanting to “fail” Minsk agreements, which would “untie her hands” and ensure freedom of action. According to him, Ukraine has never violated these agreements, and “there is nothing better than the Minsk agreements.”



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