Named a way to destroy coronavirus in two seconds

The Jerusalem Post: Millimeter Radio Waves Destroy 99.8% of Surface Coronavirus … According to their research, millimeter waves can kill 99.8 percent of coronavirus and poliovirus on surfaces in two seconds, writes The Jerusalem Post.

Experts have studied the effects of radio waves from one to ten millimeters in length on COVID-19. As a result of the study, they found that radiation destroys pathogens in two seconds. Millimeter waves have also been called a method of fighting cancer cells, as well as a method of wireless transmission of energy.

‚ÄúThis type of radiation operates in millimeter wave mode, which means that they have a wavelength of about three millimeters. Just for comparison: the radiation of a mobile phone has a wavelength of about 30 centimeters, and the radiation of a microwave – about 12 centimeters, “- explained one of the authors of the work, Professor Moshe Einat.

The researchers noticed that such waves increase the temperature, which allows you to fight the virus. They are effective on a variety of delicate surfaces, including equipment and machinery. However, scientists have expressed doubt that this method can be used to combat COVID-19 in the human body.



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