Most radioactive fruit named

WeChat: Banana is the most radioactive fruit due to its potassium-40 content there is radiation in bananas. According to them, the fruit gives off little ionizing radiation due to its potassium-40 content, according to WeChat.

Zhang Xiaotian, Ph.D. in Physics, and Liao Jie, Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering, named banana as the most radioactive fruit. It contains potassium-40, a radioactive isotope of salt, which is the largest natural source of ionizing radiation.

However, bananas do not harm the human body, since they contain a minimum content of potassium-40. “It is like dust when compared with the dose of radiation that can cause cancer,” the experts emphasize. To measure radiation doses, a banana equivalent is used, which measures the amount of radiation by the number of fruits eaten.

So, eating one fruit, a person receives about 0.0778 microsieverts – units of radiation. At the same time, computed tomography of the chest is equivalent to 70 thousand bananas. The maximum possible radiation impact of a nuclear power plant on the environment reaches 2.5 thousand bananas per year, and the lethal dose of radiation is 35 million bananas.



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