Ilona Mask named the most popular foreigner in Russia

WP: American millionaire Elon Musk is one of the most popular foreigners in Russia foreigners in Russia. The Washington Post writes about this.

“Musk is a rare figure that enjoys almost universal popularity in a country that is not easy to impress, especially to outsiders. But why? Some say that the reason is his adventures in space exploration, this topic for Russians is associated with nostalgia for Soviet times, “the article says.

The newspaper reported that in early 2021 the head of Tesla and SpaceX proposed President of Russia Vladimir Putin to talk on the voice social network Clubhouse, mentioning in the publication the official account of the Kremlin. Dmitry Peskov, spokesman for the Russian leader, did not rule out the possibility of such a meeting, but added that negotiations on this are not yet underway.

WP quoted Peskov as saying that the head of state is showing great interest in the topic of advanced technologies and innovations , so there are many interesting topics for him to discuss with Musk.

According to the publication, many Russians consider the story of an inventor who immigrated to the United States from South Africa to be an inspiring success. Also popular is the initially Russian-language meme “How do you like that, Elon Musk?” The entrepreneur likes these jokes, he himself noted. The billionaire believes that there are many talents and energy in Russia, he stated this fact within the framework of the Russian educational marathon “New Knowledge.” stories. Now his assets amount to $ 271.3 billion. The second line of the rating is occupied by the head of Amazon Jeff Bezos (194.1 billion dollars), the CEO of the French group of companies LVMH Bernard Arnault (187.5 billion) closes the top three.