Gas supplies from Russia offered to be exchanged for lifting of sanctions

Expert Line: energy security can be ensured by lifting the sanctions on Russia

The energy security of European states can be ensured by lifting the sanctions from Russia. Such an exchange and a way out of the current crisis was suggested by an expert of the specialized portal Market Line.

Line believes that the conclusion of new long-term contracts of European energy companies with Gazprom will help to withstand the energy crisis.

He believes that the increase in prices was caused by the reduction in gas supplies to Asian markets, which could also have been prevented by long-term contracts. The analyst is confident that the growing EU dependence on renewable energy sources such as solar photovoltaic and wind energy only increases the need for natural gas, especially Russian gas, which covers 40 percent of European needs.

Europe is facing an energy crisis on the back of lower-than-expected gas supplies from Russia and Norway, as well as higher consumption due to economic recovery. The skyrocketing gas prices led to a rise in prices for other energy resources. In October, gas prices nearly hit the $ 2,000 mark.



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