Bilan explained the “stoned” performance by worrying about Gradsky

Singer Bilan explained his drunken performance by worrying about the composer Gradsky

Russian singer Dima Bilan, who performed drunkenly at a wedding in Kazakhstan, explained his behavior, he addressed his fans in Stories on his Instagram account.

According to the artist, every person in his life got drunk at least once. Bilan clarified that before he went on stage at the wedding, he did not sleep for three days and was very tired. As the artist specified, his experiences are associated with the life of a colleague, singer and composer Alexander Gradsky, who was hospitalized and in serious condition. Doctors suspect he has a stroke.

Bilan took this news closely and burst into tears after the concert because of the situation with Gradsky. “Perhaps tomorrow I will regret … You even half do not know how much you have to worry. I am ashamed, very ashamed, and will be ashamed tomorrow, “he said.

Earlier, the Kazakh blogger Birzhan Ashim published on his page a video of Bilan speaking drunk. He called the musician “stoned” and said that Bilan was drunk. The artist had difficulty talking with the audience and did not get to the beat of the melody. After the concert, the performer turned to the fans, asked them for forgiveness and burst into tears.

In September 2019, Bilan was already criticized for performing while intoxicated. Viewers reported that the star did not get into the soundtrack, made strange sounds instead of vocals, showed indecent gestures.



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