Woman breastfeed a cat on the plane

The Sun: a passenger on a flight to the USA breastfed a cat during the flight

aboard. This is reported by The Sun.

A woman and her pet flew to Atlanta, Georgia (USA). During the flight, she took the cat out of the carrier, breast-fed him, but did not put the pet back in the bag, despite the crew's requests.

As a result, the pilot of the aircraft transmitted information to the airport about the woman's refusal to return the pet to the carrier … After landing, she was interviewed by the security personnel. The woman was warned.

In February 2021, an aggressive cat forced the pilots to land a plane that was en route from Sudan to the capital of Qatar, Doha. The pet unexpectedly appeared in the cockpit half an hour after the flight. The animal is believed to have got on the plane during cleaning or inspection.



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