The WHO assessed the opinion of the “untested” vaccines against coronavirus

WHO Representative in Russia Vujnovich denied the thesis about unverified vaccines against COVID-19 Melita Vujnovich appreciated the widespread thesis that the world's coronavirus vaccines are “untested.” Such allegations are far from reality, the specialist emphasized on the YouTube channel “Solovyov Live”.

Vujnovich denied the opinion that vaccinations against COVID-19 were “unverified” with the words “this is not so.” “Platforms for these vaccines have been in existence for over 10, 15 and 20 years. This means that the technology is familiar, “she said.

A WHO representative cited as an example influenza vaccines that change twice a year due to virus mutations. She drew attention to the fact that no one is afraid of these drugs, since a single proven platform is used for their creation, as in the situation with vaccinations against coronavirus.

“Unfortunately, this vaccine does not create immunity in the mucous membrane. This means that the virus enters the nose, begins to divide, and the person passes the infection on to another person, even if, perhaps, he himself does not get sick. And we must understand this, “Vujnovich urged.

According to the expert, the development and introduction of nasal vaccines contribute to the formation of local immunity against coronavirus. COVID-19 drugs will also help defeat the pandemic. Vujnovic urged people to change their attitude towards the pandemic and wear protective masks wherever required.

Previously, Vujnovic allowed the omicron strain of the coronavirus to be highly infectious. However, she urged not to panic about this situation.