The State Duma commented on the party of the Russian mayor during mourning

State Duma Deputy Khinshtein about the party of the head of Prokopyevsk during mourning: disgusting head of Prokopyevsk Vyacheslav Starchenko during mourning in the Kemerovo region. The deputy wrote in his Telegram channel that

After the banquet, the Russian mayor was dismissed.

According to Khinshtein, the issue of party responsibility of the banquet participants during mourning in Kuzbass will be decided on the next week.

‚ÄúSergei Tsivilev's lightning-fast reaction is an example for other leaders to follow. How disgusting is the behavior of Prokopyev's “party activists” who threw a party on the day of mourning, just as worthy – the governor's answer looks like. He reacted extremely harshly, and did not hide in his head in the sand, hoping that the scandal would not reach the federal level and would go away on its own. I think because, unlike these revelers, Tsivilev has a heart, “the deputy wrote.

his appointment to the post, which he arranged during mourning in the Kemerovo region.

Earlier, Tsivilev declared mourning in the region from November 26 to 28 for the miners and rescuers who died at the mine. An emergency in the Listvyazhnaya mine in Kuzbass took place on the morning of November 25, as a result of the accident 51 people died and 63 were injured.