The Russians were warned about the rise in price of potatoes

Potatoes in Russia will rise in price due to a poor harvest and a shortage of fertilizers this year the potato crop was “not the best”, which led to an increase in the price of it. Her words are quoted by the agency “Prime”.

The expert noted that this year is significantly inferior to the past in terms of yield. “Many foreign supply channels were also disrupted due to the pandemic, and this also makes foreign products more expensive,” she explained.

Strictly added that there is also a factor of fertilizer shortage, which also became a consequence of the coronavirus pandemic. All this will lead to an increase in prices for vegetables in almost all positions, she noted.

Earlier, the Ministry of Finance first saw signs of overheating of the consumer market in Russia. The department said that food prices in the country are growing at a faster pace. According to the latest information from Rosstat, the growth in the cost of goods and services in August 2021 compared to August 2020 amounted to 6.68 percent.