The impossibility of destroying the Kursk by an American submarine has been explained

Defense24: Russian submarine “Kursk” could not be wrecked because of the USA

Russian submarine “Kursk” wrecked in August 2000 year in the Barents Sea, could not sink due to a collision with American submarines, since it was significantly larger than them. The impossibility of destroying a Russian vessel by US submarines is explained by the Polish edition of Defense24.

The publication claims that at the time of the Kursk accident (with a displacement of 23,900 tons), American submarines Memphis (6900 tons) and Toledo, as well as the British submarine Splendid (4900 tons) were in the region. The publication reminds that in size and displacement western ships are much inferior to the Russian ship, so their collision with the latter would have led to problems for the first.

Thus, Defense24 commented on the statement of the former commander of the Northern Fleet, Admiral Vyacheslav Popov, who previously stated that the Kursk nuclear submarine was killed in a collision with a NATO submarine.

In November, The Drive wrote that Russia may be involved in the damage and disappearance of submarine cables of the Lofoten-Vesterolen Marine Observatory off the coast of Northern Norway, capable of tracking the movement of submarines.

In July 2019, NRK reported, that the Norwegian Intelligence Service (NRS) knew about the Kursk disaster 3.5 hours before the accident was reported to the Northern Fleet of the Russian Navy. In particular, it is noted that the Norwegian specialists, having received data on the second explosion on the submarine, already understood that water had penetrated into it, as a result of which the submarine found itself in a few seconds at the bottom of the Barents Sea at a depth of 108 meters.

The Kursk sank on August 12, 2000 in the Barents Sea 175 kilometers from Severomorsk at a depth of 108 meters. According to the official version, the tragedy occurred as a result of the explosion of a torpedo on board and further detonation of ammunition during the exercises of the Northern Fleet. All 118 crew members were killed.



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