The head of the Russian city stayed at the post for one day due to a banquet during mourning

Mayor of Prokopyevsk Starchenko was fired a day later at his post because of a banquet during mourning which he arranged in honor of his appointment to the post, during mourning in the Kemerovo region. The governor of the region Sergey Tsivilev announced this in his Telegram channel.

It is very difficult to find words that can describe this situation. There are simply no such words. The people who were at that banquet, apparently, do not have a heart, since they could afford to celebrate and celebrate something at such a terrible and difficult moment for all of us. Vyacheslav Starchenko has already been dismissed

Sergey Tsivilev

The former head of Prokopyevsk took office on November 25. Thus, he stayed at the post for one day.

Laid tables and many guests

On the eve of the party in honor of Starchenko's appointment, it was caught on video. The video was published by Mash on his Telegram channel.

The frames show the laid tables and at least 15 guests. The author of the video asks the audience if there is a corporate event in the hall and warns them about the live filming. Then one of those present pushes the operator into the corridor.

Lightning-fast reaction

The State Duma reacted to the party during mourning and the subsequent resignation of Starchenko. Thus, Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Security and Anti-Corruption Alexander Khinshtein commented on the ex-mayor's banquet in his Telegram channel.

According to Khinshtein, the issue of party responsibility of the banquet participants during mourning in Kuzbass will be decided next week. The politician stressed that Tsivilev reacted extremely harshly, but fairly. The governor did not hide his head in the sand, hoping that the scandal would not reach the federal level, Khinshtein believes.

Sergei Tsivilev's lightning-fast reaction is an example for other leaders to follow. How disgusting is the behavior of Prokopyev's “ party management organization '', which threw a party on the day of mourning, just as worthy – the governor's response looks like

Alexander Khinstein tragedy since 2010

The accident at the Listvyazhnaya mine in the town of Belovo, Kemerovo Region, became known on the morning of November 25. It was reported that coal dust ignited in the mine and smoke filled the drifts. Another reason for the incident is called the explosion of methane. According to colleagues and widows of the dead miners, its level went off scale long before the accident.

According to current data, 52 people died in the mine: 47 miners and 5 rescuers. The Investigative Committee of Russia opened a criminal case on the negligence of Rostekhnadzor employees who checked Listvyazhnaya. In addition, after the emergency, the 47-year-old director of the mine, his 59-year-old first deputy and the 36-year-old section manager were detained. The tragedy at the Listvyazhnaya mine has become the largest in terms of the number of victims since 2010, but far from the worst in terms of the number of victims in the Kemerovo region – in the 2000s, 110 miners died in the Ulyanovskaya mine, and 91 people in the Raspadskaya mine.

According to the head of the region, the search for the bodies of the dead on Listvyazhnaya after the completion of its conservation will take not a day or a week, it may take a month.

I just want to tell no one didn't expect it to be one day, or two days, or three days. It won't be a week. It could be a month

Sergey TsivilevThree-day mourning

On November 26, a three-day mourning for miners and rescuers began in the Kemerovo region, those killed at Listvyazhnaya. This was announced by the Governor of Kuzbass Sergei Tsivilev. On Thursday, November 25, he met with relatives of the miners who are currently in the mine.



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