The endocrinologist named the external signs of the onset of diabetes

Endocrinologist Syurashkina: symptoms of onset diabetes can be determined by the skin on the palms

Symptoms of onset diabetes in the palms can be identified by external changes. This was reported by endocrinologist Elena Syurashkina, Channel Five reports.

According to the doctor, at a dangerous level of sugar in the blood, the skin of the hands becomes thicker, and the flexion function of the hands is impaired. Stiff hand syndrome can affect up to 30 percent of people with diabetes, the doctor said.

Numbness in the hands is another sign. Diabetics are often unable to fully extend the palm so that the fingers become straight. A syndrome occurs from the little finger, passing to the thumb. First, numbness or tingling is felt, then stiffness sets in.

If the fingers do not touch each other when the palms are folded together, this may indicate a deterioration in blood supply, which led to a change in the conduction of nerve impulses.

Previously, scientists at the University of Connecticut developed a drug for the treatment of diabetes. They tested combinations of experimental drugs: dasatinib and quercetin. Dasatinib and quercetin have already been shown to prolong lifespan and improve health in aged mice. It turned out that cleansing of senescent cells once a month is effective both for slowing down the development of diabetes and for alleviating the diabetic symptoms that have appeared in obese mice.