The doctor spoke about the fraud with “decipization” after vaccination

Chief physician of “Kashchenko” Kostyuk: scammers have created a “dechipizer” for vaccination against COVID-19

Chief freelance psychiatrist of the Moscow Department of Health doctor of the psychiatric hospital No. 1 named after N.А. Alekseeva (better known as “Kashchenko”) Georgy Kostyuk said that scammers began to offer Russians help in getting rid of the chips allegedly implanted during vaccination against coronavirus, reports RBC.

The head physician said that “enterprising people ”, who allegedly created a“ dechipizer ”- a compact disposable device that should be attached to the injection site against COVID-19. The cybercriminals promise “for a very small fee, you can destroy all the“ chips ”.

“ Someone thought it was a conspiracy idea that Bill Gates had developed the chips. Further – this is already a matter of technology. Who knows what 5G is? What if it is something that is really capable of infecting the coronavirus? ” – Kostyuk was indignant.

The psychiatrist added that there are also “digital” viruses. “It’s not difficult to convince yourself of this if you initially took a position on the creation of a digital gulag and other similar theories,” he concluded.

Earlier, Kostyuk warned of panic attacks after the coronavirus. After an illness, patients also have a “covid fog”.