South Korea proposes to oblige the unvaccinated to pay for treatment for coronavirus

South Korean authorities want to oblige the unvaccinated to pay for part of the treatment for COVID-19 for treatment for coronavirus infection. This is reported by RIA Novosti.

According to a source close to the authorities, with the help of the innovation they want to increase the level of vaccination against COVID-19 in the country. At the moment, the indicator has reached 79.4 percent of the total population and 91.2 percent among adult citizens. However, the authorities considered the indicators to be insufficient.

“This was discussed, the government will consider the legislative aspect and how citizens will accept it. When we collect opinions, in December it will be possible at the next parliamentary session to edit the content of the bill that the government pays for treatment, “a source told Newsis.

In South Korea, the state fully pays for the treatment of citizens on the basis of the law on the prevention of infectious diseases. On average, about ten million won (more than 631 thousand rubles) is spent per patient.

In September, health authorities in South Korea discovered three cases of infection with a new mu-strain of coronavirus in the country. Then the authorities said that all cases were imported.



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