Scammers have come up with a tax-related fraudulent scheme

BI.ZONE detected fraudulent mailing of fake tax notices

Strategic digital risk management company BI.ZONE reported that Fraudsters, on the eve of December 1, the end of the payment of property taxes, decided to activate the sending of malicious letters to Russians notifying them of the need to make a payment. RIA Novosti writes about this.

The company detected fraudulent mailing in the form of fake tax notifications, which comes on behalf of one of the financial regulators. Users receive letters by e-mail without reference to the name. They are encouraged to have time to pay property taxes by December 1 to avoid the accrual of interest. The letter contained a link that leads to various resources with malicious content.

According to Evgeny Voloshin, director of the BI.ZONE expert services block, phishing emails and links are one of the most popular types of attacks. “There were cases when fraudsters imitated the website of a trustworthy government agency and placed an online cashier on it, where victims transferred their money, believing that they were paying taxes,” he said.

Earlier it was reported that in Russia has seen an increase in the number of fraudulent emails promising easy money. In the second quarter of 2021, users in Russia received about two million fraudulent emails promising easy money. This is almost three times more than from January to March of this year or in the fourth quarter of 2020.



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