Russians were taught to choose apples

Rospotrebnadzor advised to pay attention to the apple peel Russians were encouraged to pay attention to the type of product and its peel. Representative of the department Ekaterina Golovkova shared her advice in an interview with KP.RU.

According to the expert, buyers must decide why they buy apples – to eat them raw or use them in desserts as a filling. For the first purpose, you need to choose fresh and ripe fruits, and for the second – soft and overripe.

You need to choose strong fruits without dark spots, dots and dents. Otherwise, the apple may be stale. “Although, unattractive domestic wild apples, with some bruises and imperfect surface in taste, often turn out to be bright, and in terms of the content of vitamins they are ahead of selection fruits,” Golovkova noted.

The specialist advised not to buy apples on the peel of which you can feel sticky – the texture may indicate waxing. Such a substance cannot be washed off with water, therefore, if consumed, it is necessary to cut off the peel.

Rospotrebnadzor recommended paying attention to the shade of the fruit. “The color of the apples tells about their taste: red and yellow-red apples are sweetish, as they contain a large amount of sugars. Green apples have a sour taste, dark red apples are a little bitter, “Golovkova explained.

In September 2021, Roskachestvo said that cabbage varieties, especially white cabbage, have many pests and diseases, so you need to pay attention to appearance and smell. The experts also noted that the outer leaves of the cabbage should be intact, undamaged and not dry.