Russians revealed a way to get a free trip to a sanatorium after COVID-19

HR specialist Krasnyanskaya: you can get a free voucher to a sanatorium after COVID-19

Head of HR department “Svetlana Krasnyanskaya revealed to the Russians a way to get a free ticket to a sanatorium after suffering from COVID-19. She told the Prime agency under what conditions it is possible to go to a sanatorium.

The specialist recalled that for a free recovery in a sanatorium with a coronavirus, you should contact your doctor. The doctor will issue a referral to receive sanatorium-resort treatment or send it to a medical commission.

“Currently, at the legislative level, it is possible not only to receive free spa treatment, but also to issue additional paid leave for certain categories of citizens for these purposes, “Krasnyanskaya explained.

According to the Ministry of Health, patients with COVID-19 who have undergone prolonged mechanical ventilation (artificial lung ventilation) for two to five weeks, as well as in some cases patients who underwent ECMO (extracorporeal membrane oxygenation). Other patients can also count on a free trip to the sanatorium based on clinical indications, including “the results of instrumental and laboratory tests.” November 8. When entering Crimea, you do not need to present a vaccination certificate, however, hotel accommodation is possible upon presentation of a QR code or a certificate of vaccination against coronavirus. You can also choose to present a certificate of a disease transferred in the last six months or a document confirming the presence of medical contraindications, and a PCR test done no later than 72 hours.