Putin offered to extend the “Pushkinskaya karta” to Russian cinema

Russian President Putin proposed to extend the “Pushkin Map” to Russian cinema Pushkin Map “for going to the cinema for feature films and documentaries of domestic production. The head of state announced this at a meeting with the government, RIA Novosti reports.

According to the president, this will become one of the forms of support for Russian cinema. “You know that the Union of Cinematographers is still applying to the Ministry of Culture to support them financially. This is one of the forms of support that does not require additional allocation of resources, bearing in mind that this money has already been provided for in the budget for next year, “Putin explained.

Pushkin cards in Russia began to be issued on September 1 … The project to popularize cultural events for young people from 14 to 22 years old was developed at the initiative of the President of Russia.

With the help of the card, young people can purchase tickets to theaters, museums and concert halls at public expense. Hundreds of organizations in all regions have joined the project. Until the end of 2021, there are three thousand rubles on each “Pushkinskaya card”, which must be spent by December 31, after this date the amount will burn out. In 2022, five thousand rubles will be allocated for trips to cultural institutions. About 13 million people can participate in the program.



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