Nutritionist debunks daily water intake myth

Nutritionist Gavrikova: there is no equal rate of water consumption for all people

Nutritionist Anastasia Gavrikova has debunked the myth of the daily rate of water consumption. She noted that the same rate of water consumption for every person does not exist. RIA Novosti writes about this.

At the same time, the specialist noted that it is worth adhering to certain recommendations. “I usually recommend focusing on the following norms: 30 milliliters of fluid per kilogram of ideal body weight. Ideal body weight means the middle of the normal weight interval, “she said.

Gavrikova also noted that 70 percent of the total volume of fluid should be water. “You can also focus on the color of urine during the day, it should be light. A dark color means that you do not drink enough water, and this occurs in many people, “she said.

According to the expert, if you drink insufficient water, the blood becomes thicker, flows more slowly, decreases providing cells with oxygen, the general physical condition worsens. In addition, due to insufficient water intake, concentration of attention is disturbed, irritability, headache appear, memory deteriorates, reaction slows down.

immunity. Among the healthy drinks, experts named pure water, kefir and yoghurts, herbal and green tea. They recommended adding lemon and ginger to regular tea, as well as looking at apple cider and berry smoothies.



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