Listvyazhnoy miners talked about the sensors glued to reduce readings

The miner said that the management of the Listvyazhnaya mine underestimated the methane readings by sensors methane concentration so that they show underestimated gas readings. RBC was told about this by a driver from a contracting organization that deals with these sensors at the mine.

According to him, the sensor was glued from the inside with double-sided tape so that no air could enter there, and the device showed underestimated data. “The management just bridges these sensors and that's it. Everyone saw it, ”the driver noted. He stressed that the devices are given to the miners before the shift and returned after work.

It is assumed that this was done so that the employees of the contractor organization did not refuse to work. The brother of the deceased miner, who also works as a miner, confirmed the problems with the sensors, and that “a lot is hidden” at the enterprise, since the salary depends on it.

The company SDS-Ugol, which owns the mine, did not start give comments, referring to the ongoing investigation of the criminal case.

Earlier it became known that the Listvyazhnaya mine on the eve of the tragedy, on November 24, was checked by Rostekhnadzor. No violations were identified.

Methane explosions at the Listvyazhnaya mine took place on the morning of November 25. 51 people were killed, 63 were injured. Among the dead were both miners and rescuers who went to rescue them. A criminal case was initiated, five suspects, including the director of the mine, were arrested for two months.