Johnson revealed the features of a new strain of coronavirus

British Prime Minister Johnson allowed the transfer of the omicron strain between those vaccinated against COVID-19

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that the new strain Omicron coronavirus can be transmitted between fully vaccinated people. In addition, he allowed the transfer of omicron between vaccinated both components of the drug.

The British Prime Minister also said that the country is introducing a mandatory PCR test for all those entering the country. Tourists will have to be in self-isolation until a negative test result is obtained. The country's authorities will also tighten control over the observance of the mask regime in shops and public transport. Johnson urged British citizens to be vaccinated against the coronavirus.

“We do not yet know exactly how effective our omicron vaccines will be, but we have good reason to believe that they will provide at least some degree of protection,” he stressed politician.

Earlier, the head of the British Ministry of Health Sajid Javid said that two cases of infection with the new omicron coronavirus strain were recorded in the country. According to him, patients in Chelmsford and Nottingham fell ill with it. Targeted coronavirus testing is going to be carried out in these cities.