In the US, they talked about plans of action to contain Russia

WSJ: US may limit military exercises in Europe due to the conflict between Ukraine and Russia Russia will take military action against Ukraine. The American edition of The Wall Street Journal told about the plans of the administration of US President Joe Biden to contain the Russian side.

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According to the newspaper, the White House has worked out two scenarios in case of aggravation of relations between Moscow and Kiev. According to the first option, the United States will help the Ukrainian side to strengthen its defenses by increasing the supply of military equipment, in particular anti-aircraft systems. This scenario also provides for sanctions against Russia.

The second plan envisages limiting military exercises in Europe to “reduce the risk of confrontation with Moscow.” In this scenario, the US administration intends to suspend military assistance to Ukraine.

Earlier, the US called the problem for the “Russian invasion” of Ukraine. According to an expert from the American research organization Jamestown Foundation, Pavel Felgenhauer, in the event of an offensive, Moscow will need to bypass the Ukrainian group in the Donbass along the flanks, and then gain a foothold in the occupied positions, which is impossible, since heavy military equipment will have to move through the black soil. “But as soon as the frost hits, they will be able to go wherever they want,” he said.



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