Europe saw benefits for Russia due to disagreements between the EU and NATO

Observador: political differences and discord between the EU and NATO are beneficial for Russia discord between the European Union (EU) and NATO. He wrote about this in his material for the Observador.

As the author of the article writes, the EU has no common foreign policy, except for trade issues. Therefore, he believes, “as long as Europe is divided, any response to Russia will benefit the Russians themselves, since the US and NATO will not be able to take concrete measures,” the article says.

“NATO is an organism that works unanimously, and the United States will not act without concrete coordination from the Europeans. Another disadvantage is that the EU has a negative attitude towards security issues that are detrimental to the economy, ”writes Braz. As the publicist noted in the article, fragmentation and different interests within the European Union prevent NATO from acting, therefore, without such “coinciding interests”, Washington will have to negotiate with each European country separately, which will take more time.

Thus, writes journalist, the actions of the EU and NATO “will be less assertive and will only inspire Russians, who are increasingly convinced of such a weakness in the West.” “Expressed the opinion that Russia and the European Union should launch a negotiation process similar to the Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe in the 1970s and create a joint organization to replace the current NATO.

Relations between Russia and the North Atlantic Alliance seriously deteriorated after the parties almost completely severed diplomatic cooperation in October 2021. Then the secretary general of the alliance, Jens Stoltenberg, reduced the Russian representation in Brussels from 20 to 10 people, and in response the Russian Foreign Office suspended the activities of the NATO military mission in Moscow. Since November 1, the Russian mission to NATO has completely stopped working.



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