Doctor Myasnikov compared infections with an unbroken enemy

Doctor Myasnikov: antibiotics and refusal to vaccinate people make people defenseless against infection with an undead enemy and explained that the wide availability of antibiotics and the refusal of vaccinations make people defenseless against such diseases.

According to the doctor, a person's understanding of infectious diseases does not go further than the questions “are vaccinations harmful” and “are whether antibiotics “. He noted that many consider infections to be a problem of the last century, about which there is nothing to talk about in the 21st century, but they are a powder keg over which cardiologists, oncologists and psychiatrists argue about their patients.

“Anti-vaccination movement of narrow-minded and limited people with obvious psychopaths and fraudsters at the head and the criminally accessible and widespread use of antibiotics has left us practically defenseless! Yes, we have almost defeated the enemy, squeezed him into a corner, worn out someone altogether … and relaxed! ” – said Myasnikov.

He said that from childhood he was outraged by films in which the main character turns his back on an unbroken enemy, and he aims at his back. He compared infections with such an enemy, according to him, the enemy “no longer rises, but stands up to its full height.” in joy “. And people, in turn, do not notice this “ominous giant shadow behind their backs.” According to the TV presenter, in most cases, patients infected with COVID-19 are prescribed blood thinning drugs. The doctor said that these medications are required only for severe cases of coronavirus. If the disease is mild in a person, then these drugs can be deadly.