Chefs have revealed the secret of the perfect shawarma

Chef of the VLAVASHE chain Anton Rashba: delicious shawarma requires only fresh products

»Revealed the secret of the ideal shawarma, as well as the methods of its preparation at home, so that it would not be distinguished from a restaurant dish. Culinary experts note that this is a hearty, tasty and quick to prepare and inexpensive food.

Brand-chef of the VLAVASHE chain Anton Rashba notes that recipes can be varied, this street food can be turned into a healthy product. So, he called shawarma with beef and cranberries, with stewed pork and cola sauce, with sausages and even with shrimps. The classic one is made with chicken.

To do this, you should marinate the meat in spices, the main thing is to keep it fresh, otherwise it will come out dry and tasteless. The sauce is made from mayonnaise, sour cream, garlic, salt, suneli hops, ground pepper, dill and lemon juice. Tomatoes, cucumbers, Chinese cabbage and onions are suitable for the filling.

“The forbidden ingredients in shawarma are stale and low-quality products. There are no more taboos. You can wrap anything you like in pita bread, ”Rashba explained.

Nadezhda Lyubimova, brand chef of the Williams Et Oliver network of the right things for the kitchen, recommended baking the chicken for shawarma in a grill pan or in the oven, but not frying it in small pieces. You can replace the poultry with beef, and add smoked paprika or curry to add an oriental flavor.

The brand-chef of Middle Eastern cuisine Bassem Zain also suggested preparing the dish not only with meat, but also with falafel or traditional Lebanese cheese, such an option available to vegetarians. In his opinion, dill should not be added to shawarma, and lavash should be fresh, ideally just baked.

Since the beginning of the year, shawarma in Russia has risen in price by an average of 8 percent – up to 166 rubles. The average price for it was 166 rubles in September. At the same time, prices vary depending on the region. For example, in Moscow, shawarma turned out to be cheaper than in St. Petersburg: 162 against 183 rubles, respectively.

At the same time, only 16 percent of outlets in the country use the name “shawarma”, and the average price of shawarma is higher – 182 rubles, while while the price of shawarma is 162 rubles.