A miner from the Listvyazhnaya mine accidentally missed his shift on the day of the emergency

A miner from the Listvyazhnaya mine who was late for his shift helped save several people shifts on the day of the explosion and helped save several comrades. The miner's story is published by the SHOT Telegram channel.

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According to Bulbis, he took overalls from the wash, so he came to the second watch. As the miner was about to descend into the mine, the crew heard a pop, and black smoke poured from the entrance. “[From the mine] the first man came out all covered in mud, dust, breathing every other time. Came out and fell. He said there were still people in the mine, ”Bulbis recalls.

The miner said that almost immediately after the emergency, everyone who was on the spot joined the rescuers (self-rescuer – individual special equipment – approx. “Lenta.ru” ) and decided to go down after the victims who were within the reach. “We went down 200-300 meters and saw: an immovable person was lying, the lantern was on. We picked him up and carried him. The first time we took six people out, ”he said.

According to Bulbis, workers returned to the mine several more times and took people out, risking their lives. “Gas went on for several months. They talked about it, refused to work. We were told orally about the agreements for increased concentration, but we did not see any papers to be signed. They were forced to work, “the miner notes.

Bulbis pointed out that the main problem is the lack of parity between the management and the miners. The miner drew attention to the fact that now miners cannot complain to Rostekhnadzor and come into conflict with their superiors, as they risk losing not only their patch but also their jobs.

Previously, prospecting works were resumed at the Listvyazhnaya mine. According to the authorities, there is no fire in the mine, which will facilitate the conduct of the search operation. The Emergencies Ministry noted that they did not abandon the idea of ​​cooling the mine by drilling a hole to the explosion site. Such a measure should speed up the search for miners.

The incident at the mine became known early on Thursday morning, November 25. According to the latest data, 51 people died as a result of the emergency, 63 were injured. Deputy Prosecutor General of Russia Dmitry Demeshin considered the explosion of methane gas due to the spark that caused the deaths.



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