Unusual symptom of dangerous cholesterol levels named

Daily Express: Dark streaks under the nails indicate excess cholesterol This is reported by the Daily Express.

According to the researchers, excess cholesterol may be indicated by the appearance of dark stripes under the nails of the hands or feet. It is explained that they are caused by damage to tiny blood vessels, but no physical pain is felt. The link between high cholesterol and dark stripes under the nails has been proven many times by various researchers, experts added.

It is noted that if a symptom is found, it is necessary to see a doctor, because high cholesterol levels indicate an increased risk of cardiovascular vascular diseases. In addition, blockage of blood vessels can trigger a stroke or heart attack. In addition, the stripes may indicate endocarditis, vasculitis or inflammatory heart disease.

Earlier, doctor and TV presenter Alexander Myasnikov named foods that increase the level of “bad” cholesterol in a person's blood. In particular, he advised caution when eating palm oil products.



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