Turkey spoke about the desire of the United States to destroy Russia from within

Former head of Turkish intelligence: Washington is trying to make Ankara an enemy of Moscow but also hurts relations with partners – for example, Russia. Ankara should not succumb to Washington's attempts to exert pressure, said former chief of intelligence of the General Staff of Turkey, Colonel General Ismail Hakky Beijing in an interview with Lenta.ru correspondent Hayal Muazzin.

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The United States, among other things, is trying to make Turkey an enemy of Russia, increasing its activity in the Black Sea. In addition, Ankara itself agreed to strengthen the cooperation of the naval forces in the Black Sea region with Kiev. When asked why the Turkish authorities are taking such steps, the ex-head of intelligence admitted: Ankara is pursuing an unreasonable policy.

“We need to move to a unilateral policy, not a bilateral one. We don't need someone else's games. The United States is trying to destroy Russia from the inside, gradually trying to force Turkey to agree to its own terms to weaken Moscow, “Beijing said.

A number of experts wrote that the American administration does not like Ankara's policy towards Moscow. Turkish journalist Berkan Tutar, in a column for the Sabah newspaper, also suggested that the US administration is taking radical steps – including provoking a collapse in the Turkish lira – in order to force Ankara to weaken relations with the Russian side.