The woman struck up an affair with a repeat offender in prison and was showered with gifts

An English nurse fell in love with a serial robber in prison a repeat offender and unexpectedly for herself was showered with gifts. This is reported by The Sun.

21-year-old nurse Breya Sutton said that she fell in love with 31-year-old serial robber Harley Webb, who is behind bars. The woman began to communicate with Webb, as her friend also met with a man in prison, and he asked if she had single girlfriends for his friend.

After a month of endless messages, phone calls and letters, the couple began a romantic relationship. The lovers first saw each other live only eight months after the beginning of the novel. The woman asked Harley about his criminal past and found out that for ten years he was either going to jail or leaving it. Most often, he was prosecuted for robbery.

He was last sentenced to four years in prison, but due to a conflict with his former lover, the term was extended until January 2022. During her first visit to her lover, Sutton surprised her boyfriend with a tattoo with his initials. Since then, she visits him every week. It takes her seven hours to get to prison. They also call 15 times a day.

Webb showered his new girlfriend with endless gifts, including designer clothes, shoes, roses, and even a French Bulldog puppy. He asks her friend to order gifts with delivery to her address, and after receiving a surprise, Sutton transfers money to his friend from his bank account. Sometimes a man simply invites his beloved to go to the store and buy something on his behalf, dine with friends or go for a manicure.

The English woman rebuffs the “envious” trolls who claim that she has struck up a relationship with a man for the money, and insists that it is true love. She said that she also prepared a designer wardrobe for Webb, which he will be able to appreciate when he is released.

After his release, Webb will have to live in a hostel for six months until the trial period ends. Sutton plans to move closer to this location. The woman dismisses the doubts expressed by her relatives and intends to prove that their negative expectations will not come true.

Earlier it was reported that a housewife from London was disappointed in her husband and exchanged him for a smuggler from a Thai prison, in which she found your soul mate. When the man was released after 14 years behind bars, an Englishwoman invited him to live with her until he got back on his feet.



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