The Russians were told about the possibility of refusing to pay for some housing services

Lawyer Savelyev: Russians can refuse to pay for a radio point and television antenna The list turned out to be a radio service. Sergei Savelyev, a lawyer from the Senator Eurasian Law Association, told RIA Novosti.

According to the expert, in order to refuse the wire radio broadcasting service, a homeowner needs to write an application addressed to the service provider and provide a package of documents. The list of required papers is determined by the service provider.

Residents can also waive the payment for a common house TV antenna. The lawyer noted that today it is in almost any apartment building. To refuse, the owner will also need to write an application to the organization that serves the antenna.

Earlier, more than 150 housing and communal services enterprises from 50 Russian regions provided information that payments for housing and communal services have become worse in Russia. By the beginning of November 2021, the number of defaulters increased by 8.7 percent since January. Experts predicted a further increase in the number of debtors.



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