The presenter of Channel One responded to rumors about Gordon's departure from “Male/Female”

Baranovskaya said that Gordon was not going to leave the show “Male/Female” whether her male/female talk show colleague Alexander Gordon is going to leave the program. She told about this in a story on Instagram.

Baranovskaya denied rumors that Gordon would leave the show “Male/Female”. “No, [it is] not true,” she wrote.

The TV presenter added that she spends time with a colleague on the set of the program every day, and stressed that a new episode is on the air every day.

Earlier, Gordon recalled how one of the participants in the “Male/Female” program tried to kill him. According to the presenter, the attack took place behind the scenes and did not make it onto the air. He noted that the offender went hand-to-hand at him, but the guards managed to stop him in time.

The Male/Female talk show has been running on Channel One since autumn 2014. The permanent hosts of the program are Alexander Gordon and Yulia Baranovskaya. In the studio, the heroes talk about their problems, and the hosts try to tell them how to proceed.