The miner spoke about the compulsion to work in “Listvyazhnaya” with a high level of methane

Miner from Listvyazhnaya: miners were sent to work even when methane standards were exceeded

as a result of the accident, 52 people died, miners worked with methane levels five times higher than normal. A mine worker told about being forced to work in such conditions.

About two months ago, a ventilation drift collapsed in the longwall, and ventilation completely disappeared. I was expecting a ball of flame in my face at any moment.

a miner who worked at Listvyazhnaya

The miner called the situation in the mine outrageous. According to him, with an acceptable methane concentration of about one percent, workers worked for three days at a concentration of about five to eight percent.

Earlier, the wife of a miner who died in an accident at a mine in the Kemerovo region, said that the acceptable level methane in the mine went off scale long before the tragedy. According to her, a sensor sounded on her husband's chest, which he moistened with water so that it would not signal. She added that there was a fire at the facility ten days before the emergency.

The incident became known early on Thursday morning, November 25. As a result, 52 people died, including six mine rescuers, and, according to the latest data, 63 people were injured. Previously, the cause of death at the Listvyazhnaya mine was a methane explosion caused by a spark. After the suspension of rescue operations the day before, the paramilitary units continued to search for miners in the morning, November 26.



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