The man lost 24 kilograms in five months and shared his recommendations

The man lost 24 kilograms and helped 500 people lose weight months, became a fitness trainer and helped 500 people lose weight. His success story and recommendations are shared by the Times of India.

28-year-old Rohit Sharma said he was overweight for a long time. He was convinced that the only way to lose weight and get in good shape was with regular training and physical activity. Deciding to change his lifestyle, Sharma revised his diet and began to actively engage in sports.

The man ate at least two servings of different vegetables daily and drank a lot of water. He cut back on sugar and processed foods. The Indian trained six days a week, combining cardio and strength exercises, as well as doing cricket and stretching. Before class, he ate foods containing complex carbohydrates and protein, and after class – a meal rich in protein.

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The man also advised to think not only about the body, but also about mental health. During active training, he began to practice meditation, thanks to which he was able to maintain focus on the process of change and continue to move forward.

Earlier it was reported that a native of Ulan-Ude, 41-year-old Ayuna Banzarova, threw off 30 kilograms, threw work as an accountant, became a fitness trainer and fulfilled her dream: she moved to another city – St. Petersburg. Banzarova's changes inspired her son and his chosen one to lose weight – the young man threw off 49 kilograms, and the girl – 10.



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