The famous landmark of Egypt opened to tourists after 11 years

The ancient Alley of Sphinxes opened in Luxor after 11 years of restoration since 2010. This was reported by the Ahram newspaper.

Egyptian President Abdul-Fattah Khalil Al-Sisi took part in the opening ceremony. The event was accompanied by a gala concert, costume show and performances by famous Egyptian artists.

According to the Minister of Tourism and Antiquities of Egypt Khaled al-Anani, Luxor has become the world's largest open-air museum. He explained that a three-kilometer alley connected the ancient Egyptian temples of Karnak and Luxor. On a paved road about seven meters wide, there are statues in the form of sphinxes. Once upon a time, solemn processions in honor of religious holidays were held at this place.

During the restoration, illegal buildings were demolished from the alley, and 250 sphinxes with ram heads and 807 sphinxes with human heads were found. It is noted that the research and excavations of archaeologists are not completed – for several more years, experts will study the ancient statues.

Earlier in November, experts from the travel industry called the cost of budget tours to Egypt – an inexpensive ticket to a three-star all-inclusive hotel can be purchased at least for 45 thousand rubles. You can relax in a four-star hotel for 53 thousand rubles, in a five-star hotel for 70-100 thousand rubles.



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