The ex-wife of the singer Alexander Malinin accused him of marriage for the sake of registration

Olga Zarubina accused the singer Alexander Malinin of marriage for the sake of Moscow registration that he married her for the sake of Moscow registration. This is reported by Channel Five.

“He was so cunning. I got a residence permit in Moscow thanks to me. (…) He had a goal, and he used me as a resource, “Zarubina said.

The singer also admitted that due to Malinin's unwillingness to have children from her, she had to have an abortion. In 1985, Zarubina nevertheless gave birth to a daughter, Kira, from her ex-spouse, with whom her father, according to her, does not maintain a relationship, although he recognized her as his own in 2011.

The current wife of Alexander Malinin, Emma, ​​on whom the singer married back in 1990, Zarubina called a psychopath who lies without any purpose or shame.

Earlier in October, Olga Zarubina said that after being vaccinated against coronavirus, people become “angry and boorish.” >

Alexander Malinin is known for such songs as “Lieutenant Golitsyn”, “Hussar Ballad”, “Bullfighting” and “Night”, as well as for his versions of Russian folk songs and romances. He was married to Olga Zarubina from 1983 to 1988.