The economist commented on the change in the assessment of the level of poverty in Russia

Economist Kulbak named poverty as one of the most serious problems in Russia ru “positively assessed the possible change in the assessment of the level of poverty in Russia.

” It seems that there is a growing understanding in the state that poverty is one of the most serious problems, and something needs to be done about it. Apparently, this is really some kind of shift for the better, at least it is clear that the state is trying to somehow, if not solve this problem, then think about its solution, – commented on the initiative of Kulbak, – Any progress to reduce poverty Even a small step is always a success, I would even say, the success of civil society, people who voted for the left-wing parties in the elections, because they simply force the country's leadership to pay attention to this. ”

Earlier, the Ministry of Labor prepared a draft resolution, according to which it is proposed to introduce an additional tool for assessing the poverty line in the country, which will take into account the level of general inflation, and not a change in a narrow “minimum” set of consumption. As a definition of the poverty line, the department proposes to use the value of the subsistence minimum for the fourth quarter of 2020, and to revise it on a quarterly basis taking into account the chain consumer price index for the corresponding quarter.