The blogger showed stretch marks on her body and delighted fans

Blogger Nelly London starred with her back to the camera and showed stretch marks on her body

Blogger and plus-size model Nelly London showed her figure in the photo without processing and delighted netizens. The corresponding post appeared on her Instagram account.

In a frame posted on the network, the girl filmed with her back to the camera. She placed seven butterflies of purple and blue paper along the spine. In the photo, London showed fat folds and stretch marks on her body. “I don’t know why I love butterflies so much, but it seems to me that they love me too,” she signed the publication.

Fans supported the blogger in the comments to the publication. “You are art”, “I love this photo!”, “Very, very cute! I'm proud of you “,” It's damn beautiful “,” You are gorgeous! Thank you for reminding me that my body is valuable, “they wrote.

Earlier in November, another blogger showed cellulite in a photo without retouching and delighted fans. On the frame published on the network, Karina Irbi is captured on the beach. She is wearing a two-piece blue swimsuit, which consists of a thong and a crop top. The blogger was photographed with her back to the camera, showing cellulite on the buttocks and thighs, as well as fat folds in the waist.



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