The blogger revealed the secrets of a slim body in pictures on social networks

Blogger Bree Lenehan showed a round belly, stretch marks, fat on the sides and cellulite on the thighs

Australian blogger and model revealed secret poses her colleagues are using it on social media to look slim. The corresponding pictures appeared on her Instagram account.

Body positivity activist Bree Lenehan regularly shares pictures of what her body actually looks like without Photoshop. So, the girl made several collages, in which she posed in a brown tracksuit, consisting of a crop top and bicycles.

The blogger captured herself with a straight posture and toned abs from three angles: sideways, face and back to the camera. In the adjacent pictures, she was photographed in relaxed poses and exposed her waist area, showing a round belly, stretch marks, fat and cellulite on her thighs. In addition, Lenehan starred in black and blue suits, taking shots of the same plan.

“Your body is good no matter how it looks. When you believe this, it will become much easier for you to feel confident and comfortable. Change your thinking and channel your energies into positive thoughts, it will change your life. You are strong. Don't forget about it, ”she signed the post.

Netizens thanked the Australian woman for posting“ Thank you very much! Your words mean a lot to me ”,“ I love you! You are my inspiration ”,“ Your posts help me a lot! Please, never stop doing what you are doing “,” God, I adore you! ” – users expressed their opinion.

Earlier in November, Australian blogger Karina Irbi showed cellulite in the photo without retouching and delighted the fans. In the frame published on the network, the girl was captured on the beach. She put on a two-piece blue swimsuit, consisting of a thong and a crop top. The blogger was photographed with her back to the camera, showing cellulite on the buttocks and thighs, as well as fat folds in the waist.



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