The blogger named the main mistake when combing hair

Blogger Audrey Victoria: horizontal comb injures hair The Sun journalists drew attention to the video published on TikTok.

In the footage posted on the network, Audrey Victoria explained that most of the girls do not hold the comb incorrectly while combing the strands. She stressed that many place her in a horizontal position. According to her, this injures the hair and leads to hair loss. Instead, she recommended holding the comb upright. Thus, the strands are easier to comb and do not break.

The video went viral and scored 1.8 million views and 126.6 thousand likes. Netizens thanked Victoria for the life hack. “Thanks a lot! I will definitely try to repeat it! ”,“ Brilliant ”,“ Why I didn't know this before! ”,“ Thank you very much! It's very useful! ”,“ Well, finally! Maybe now my hair will fall out less! ” – they wrote.

Earlier in November, the doctor named ways to grow long hair without mistakes when leaving. Dermatologist and founder of the hair and skin care brand Dr. Ophelia Ophelia Veraich noted that it is necessary to monitor the condition of the scalp, moisturizing it with oils through massaging movements. According to her, in this way, the hair is saturated with moisture and becomes stronger.



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