Snow-covered Russian city delighted netizens

Netizens admired the snow-covered Khabarovsk

Snow-covered Khabarovsk with trees covered with crystalline frost, delighted users of social “GTRK Dalnevostochnaya” writes about this.

“The Internet is flooded with photographs of a snow-covered city – the branches of trees are covered with crystalline frost.
Outfits of frost have tried on thousands of trees and shrubs in Khabarovsk. The streets were plunged into a winter fairy tale for several hours, “the message says.

It is noted that the frost appeared in the second half of the night, and in the morning the residents of the city found the winter fairy tale. A rare phenomenon is possible only under certain conditions: no wind and a temperature of minus 15 degrees. Frost leaves its mark only on long thin objects – for example, on tree branches.

According to forecasters, this weather will persist until the end of the week.



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