Russians were told about the benefits of toll roads

Governor of the Moscow Region Vorobyov: toll roads reduce travel time

Governor of the Moscow Region Andrei Vorobyov spoke about the benefits of toll roads, noting that such infrastructure gives Russians the opportunity to reduce travel time. The head of the Moscow region shared his opinion on the air of the TV channel “360”.

According to Vorobiev, toll roads are an alternative for residents. As an example, the head of the region cited the route to St. Petersburg, which reduces travel time by two hours. “You can take the free road. But if you can afford it, if time is money for you, as the people say, then please use safe high-speed highways, “Vorobiev said.

The Governor noted that toll roads are useful not only for motorists, but also for entrepreneurs, since they work in this area in partnership with the state – jobs appear, the region develops. In two years, the authorities plan to complete the construction of a road to the center of the capital to bypass the bypass road to Odintsovo. In the future, a backup to the Shchelkovskoye highway will also be built.

Earlier it became known that in the Moscow region they were preparing to build a paid backup for the Yegoryevskoye highway – one of the busiest roads in the region. They plan to sign a concession agreement for the construction of the highway by December 2021.



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