Russians warned about price hikes for holidays in Turkey

In 2022, the cost of holidays in Turkey may rise to 60% due to the fall of the Turkish lira

a possible increase in the cost of holidays in Turkey in 2022. The portal writes about this.

It is noted that the fall in the Turkish lira exchange rate and the increased demand of foreign tourists for travel to the republic may lead to the fact that next year prices at the country's resorts may rise up to 60 percent.

“Affordable prices for hotels in Turkey, which in previous years remained until June, may reach high season prices by the end of March,” warned Firuz Baglikaya, President of the Turkish Travel Agencies Association (TÜRSAB). >

In addition, the specialist recommended that tourists planning a trip to the republic in 2022 to redeem hotel rooms in advance, since the cost of a vacation can be “very high” during the season.

“At the moment, the prices are preliminary bookings are based on October rates. Due to the instability of exchange rates, forecasts and budgets are difficult to predict, but the cost of hotel beds in foreign currency is growing and prices will continue to rise, “said Hamit Cook, board member of TÜRSAB.

Earlier in November, tour operators told Russians the cost of a week accommodation in the best budget hotels of the republic at the end of November – prices start from 23.9 thousand rubles per week. The five cheapest options included Linda Resort in Side (from 23.9 thousand rubles per week) and L'Oceanica Beach Resort in Kemer (from 26.5 thousand).