Russians predicted frequent thaws and severe frosts this winter

Vilfand: residents of the European part of Russia will face frequent thaws and severe frosts in winter uneven winter “. According to him, there will be many thaws and frosts up to 20 degrees below zero. He is quoted by TASS.

The forecaster noted that such weather is expected in almost all regions, largely in the European part of the country.

“This is a really serious problem, such episodes, we already they forgot about that, ”Vilfand emphasized. He explained that about 10-11 thaws are forecasted in Moscow alone for the coming season.

Earlier, Vilfand warned the Russians about weather anomalies at the end of November. According to the meteorologist, in the center of European Russia the temperature will be several degrees higher than normal. At the same time, abnormal cold and “severe frosts” are expected in the north of the region.