Russia issued a patent for another vaccine against COVID-19

The Russian company “Biocad” has received a patent for its vaccine against coronavirus About this with reference to Rospatent on Friday, November 26, writes TASS.

The developed drug against COVID-19 is vector and is based on the fifth type of adenovirus. It is specified that after the introduction of the vaccine, the human body develops specific immunity to the SARS-CoV-2 virus through the use of a codon-optimized nucleic acid. The patent description also states that the new drug can be used to prevent coronavirus infection.

Experts of the Federal Institute of Industrial Property, when considering the application, carried out an examination and came to a conclusion about the patentability of the vaccine and its compliance with world novelty, Rospatent reports.

Permits to conduct the first and second phases of clinical trials of its vaccine “Biocad” received from the Ministry of Health in July. On September 6, the CEO of the company Dmitry Morozov announced that the manufacturer had begun testing.