Rospotrebnadzor warned of the likelihood of contracting “black mold” in Russia

Infectionist Gorelov: “black mold” can develop in Russia under certain conditions

Deputy Director for Research, Central Research Institute of Epidemiology Society of Infectious Diseases, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences Alexander Gorelov warned about the likelihood of getting sick with “black mold” in Russia under certain conditions. His words are reported by RIA Novosti.

Gorelov stressed that the infection is typical for a climate with high temperatures and very high humidity. “But it can also develop in our conditions in case of severe immunosuppressive conditions, as well as the illiterate use of drugs,” he stressed.

The infectious disease specialist recalled that the disease develops mainly in people suffering from diabetes conditions, as well as with the intensive and improper use of antibacterial and hormonal drugs.

Previously, the danger of the disease for Russia was assessed by the former chief infectious disease specialist in Moscow, Professor Nikolai Malyshev. In his opinion, the threat of the spread of “black mold” in the country is unrealistic. The first and isolated cases of “black mold” in Russia became known in the summer of 2021.