Nutritionists named ways to drink correctly and not get sick

Eat This, Not That !: to strengthen the immune system, you need to drink herbal tea, kefir and yoghurts

what drinks you need to drink to get sick less and strengthen the immune system. Their advice is published by Eat This, Not That!

Among the healthy drinks, experts named pure water, kefir and yoghurts, herbal and green tea. They recommended adding lemon and ginger to regular tea, as well as looking at apple cider and berry smoothies.

First of all, nutritionists are advised to drink enough fluids every day. “Water helps cleanse the body and oxygenates the blood. In addition, water takes part in the production of lymph, which carries white blood cells and cells of the immune system throughout the body, and this helps to properly fight bacteria and viruses, ”says nutritionist Isa Kujawski.

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Nutritionist Rachel Dyckman recommends starting every day with ginger and lemon tea. In her opinion, this drink helps both innate and acquired immunity to respond faster to infection

Dykman also recommends drinking kefir and yogurt regularly. She explained that immune function is highly dependent on the health of the gastrointestinal tract, and one of the best ways to maintain its microbiome is through the use of fermented milk products. “Recent research has shown that eating probiotic-containing fermented foods such as kefir improves the diversity of the microbes that inhabit our gut. This, in turn, has a positive effect on the immune system, “Dyckman said.

Nutritionist Heather Hanks recommends drinking green tea with honey and lemon. The compounds contained in green tea contribute to an increase in the number of T-lymphocytes, and therefore, to strengthen the immune system. In turn, honey and lemon will help enhance this effect.

Nutritionist Jeff Hong states that apple cider is another healthy drink for maintaining health, as it contains vitamin C and has antimicrobial effects. In addition, kiwi and strawberries are also high in vitamin C. Fitness trainer Jamie Dickey advises making smoothies from these berries with the addition of milk, which is rich in vitamin D, which reduces the risk of contracting respiratory infections.

Previously, Russian nutritional trainer Pavel Terekhov spoke about the benefits of dill. According to him, dill compensates for the deficiency of many vitamins and minerals and has a number of other beneficial properties.